Love together with one heart, to make a journey together
XinTu Style Talent Concept Talent Recruitment Partnership Plan
Partnership Plan
Everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship. As you build up your potential, grow along the way, and wait for the opportunity to ignite your dreams, welcome to New Rabbit Technology!
Equity Incentive
Our goal is to achieve common prosperity so that everyone in the company can enjoy the fruits of the company's development.We are in the process of going public and we have a lot of equity waiting to be claimed because we want every partner to be in charge, to be part of the operation and to unlock your own value.
Entrepreneurship Program
nternet technology has subverted our definition of "space", and cross-border e-commerce is standing at the cusp of the era and spreading its wings to take off!

Join the new rabbit, let's start a business together!We provide platform and resources for any project with market prospect.As long as you persist in your dreams, with great skills, we will not care about your origins, but seek for the future.
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